My work

Design has more in common with science and engineering than art. Art is subjective, design is not. Therefore, it is important for designers to be able to articulate their decisions through a coherent design process.

Here is a selection of my work, focusing on my design and thought process, rather than just the finished products.

If you want to see more of my work, email me or connect via Twitter.

Visitor registration app

Visitor registration app

I designed a customisable visitor registration iPad app, specifically for gyms and fitness centres.

The app has been deployed to over a thousand gyms across the US.

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Design sprint for JoraLocal

During a week long design sprint, we designed, tested and validated a product idea for an increasingly important market segment for SEEK.

The output of the design sprint allowed SEEK to further validate the product, and eventually create a spin-off company, JoraLocal, to take the product to market.

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Cocreating a product vision

Cocreating a product vision

I ran a cross-product project to help SEEK create and communicate a vision for their hirer product portfolio.

The output inspired and aligned multiple teams in working towards a common vision.

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Workshop facilitation and wireframe design

I ran a two day design workshop for a development company in Sarajevo, and their Dutch clients, followed by creating wireframe designs for the entire product.

As a result, both the clients and the development team were involved in the design process and had a clear idea on how to proceed with the implementation.

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Credit card payment form

I redesigned the credit card payment form used during job ad posting on SEEK’s website.

The redesign caused a 150% increase in customers paying upfront (rather than by invoice), resulting in a six figure increase in upfront cash flow.

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Coaching an organisation in usability testing

I worked with an organisation in Bosnia to introduce them to usability testing and coach them on how to incorporate usability testing into their product development process.

The Kolektiv team saw the power of insights gained through usability testing for the first time and have since incorporated it into their product development process.

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Design of a settings page

GymSales’ settings page had become unwieldy and difficult to navigate. It was hard to add new content in a logical way.

My redesign allowed easier comprehension of the complex settings options and allowed for future growth of the page.

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Side projects

Here are some side projects that I worked on in my spare time. I do these things out of a love for design and a desire for constant learning. And because it beats watching TV.

Looking back at some of these makes me cringe, but I can’t hide from the things I’ve done – they all make me the designer I am today.