About me

I am a design leader with over 15 years experience. During my career, I have focused on user experience, product design, design systems, and growing high functioning design teams.

I am currently working as a Director of Product Design, building and leading a global team of designers at Zendesk.

Technical beginnings

After graduating from Engineering (robotics) and Computer Science in 2004, I started my career as a System Design Engineer working on automated cancer diagnostics instruments. I developed a passion for observing how people interact with the machines, systems and software that I designed.

A turning point

A career shaping event was an opportunity to spend two years working with Leica Microsystems in the UK and across Europe, studying how medical staff use cancer diagnostic instruments, how engineers service those instruments and helping both groups improve their processes.

That was in 2007. That passion for observing how people interact with products and using those observations to design better experiences, lives on in me and is the key reason why I love what I do.

Honing my craft

I spent the period between 2010 and 2019 honing my skills as a user experience, interaction, and product designer. I thrived and developed the most during my time at SEEK and Zendesk where I was able to learn from passionate and talented designers, researchers, and design leaders who had the utmost care for making products that improved their customers' lives.

Working on complex products gave me an appreciation for design systems, and the power they have in making software more consistent, usable, and more efficient to build. I have made contributions to design systems at both SEEK and Zendesk, and have initiated the first “satellite” design system at Zendesk.

My focus today

Today, I am focused on nurturing individual designers and growing design teams that deliver customer value through powerful enterprise grade SaaS software.

Over the last five years, I’ve defined what Admin Experience at Zendesk is, and have built and led a global team of designers responsible for evolving it. My team is responsible for core admin features and a “satellite” design system that enables the design of Zendesk Answer Bot, Messaging, Integrations, Omnichannel Routing, and many other flagship features.

About this site

This site was designed, and entirely coded by me. No templates and no Bootstrap. You can see the source code at my GitHub account.